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Vehicle Color Codes

It is extremely important that you use ONLY the following color codes. The terminology used by the manufacturer may be misinterpreted and could slow down the processing time.

If a vehicle is more than one color, the two color codes would be separated by a slash (ie: BLU/WHI).

Vehicle Color Codes
Aluminum SIL   Green (Light) LGR
Amethyst AME   Ivory CRM
Beige BGE   Lavender LAV
Black BLK   Maroon MAR
Blue BLU   Mauve MVE
Blue (Dark) DBL   Orange ONG
Blue (Light) LBL   Pink PNK
Bronze BRZ   Purple PLE
Brown BRN   Red RED
Burgundy MAR   Silver SIL
Camouflage CAM   Stainless Steel COM
Chrome COM   Tan TAN
Copper CPR   Taupe TPE
Cream CRM   Teal TEA
Gold Gold   Turquoise TRQ
Gray GRY   White WHI
Green GRN   Yellow YEL
Green (Dark) DGR   Multicolor MUL/COL