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Property Tax Forms and Reports

  File Type File Size
Certificate Transfer pdf 208KB
Homestead Tax Deferral Application pdf 30KB
Notice of Partial Payment pdf 268KB
Tax Brochure pdf 496KB
Wiring Instructions pdf 200KB
Public Auction Notice pdf 44KB
Certificate List
  File Type File Size
Tax Certificate List (as of 03/04/18) paid & unpaid, 2010 - current zip (csv) 5.19MB
Tax Certificate List (as of 03/04/18) paid & unpaid, 2010 - current zip (pdf) 37.7MB
Unpaid Certificate List (as of 03/04/18) all years zip (csv) 568KB
Unpaid Certificate List (as of 03/04/18) all years zip (pdf) 4.12MB
Delinquent List

The file contains delinquent information for all tax years on all real estate parcels, some of which will not be included in the Tax Certificate Sale. Any payment received after the update would not be reflected in this file.

  File Type File Size
Delinquent List (as of 03/04/18) zip (xls) 1.63MB
Delinquent List (as of 03/04/18) pipe (|) delimited zip (txt) 772KB
Record Layout pdf 32KB
Millage Rates
  File Type File Size
2017 Millages pdf 96KB
2016 Millages pdf 24KB
2015 Millages pdf 92KB
2014 Millages pdf 84KB
2013 Millages pdf 84KB
2012 Millages pdf 82KB
2011 Millages pdf 81KB
2010 Millages pdf 81KB
2009 Millages pdf 86KB
2008 Millages pdf 22KB
Tax Deed Schedule

This is a list of Tax Deed Applications filed with the Sarasota County Clerk of Court.

The file contains information on parcels that will be sold at public auction on a date designated by the Tax Deed Department 941.861.7400 (Clerk's office).

  File Type File Size
Tax Deed Schedule csv 91.8KB
Tax Deed Schedule pdf 704KB
Tax Roll Full File - TPESCROW
  File Type File Size
TPESCROW - Real Estate (as of 03/04/18) zip (txt) 46.2MB
TPESCROW - Real Estate, Tangible, & Railroad (as of 03/04/18) zip (txt) 49.3MB
Record Layout pdf 209KB
Escrow Codes pdf 196KB
Exemption Codes pdf 38.5KB
Mill Codes pdf 91.8KB
Status Codes pdf 47.0KB