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Dealer's Corner

On this page, you will find information to ensure your work is processed accurately and timely. We know your time is valuable and to provide the best service possible to all our customers, we offer the following services to our dealers at the Downtown Sarasota, Mid-County and Venice Service Centers.

  • Appointments are preferred and up to 10 transactions per day per office may be processed. You may schedule appointments in any Service Center as listed above by calling 941.861.8300, option 2. Please have all work complete and ready to process upon arrival.
  • Drop-off transactions are accepted at the Service Centers listed above; look for the sign that says "Dealer Drop Off." We provide 2-day turnaround and you may drop off an unlimited number of transactions. We will notify you once your work has been completed.
  • Transactions without an appointment may be processed in any Service Center. There is a limit of 3 transactions per day per office and all transactions must be complete and ready to process upon arrival. If you have more than 3, you will need to make an appointment or use our drop-off service.

What is Dealer ACH?
Dealer ACH is an easy and efficient way to pay for dealer work processed in our offices. You will no longer need to bring payment when we process your work. We will issue a batch receipt with all work processed and two days later deduct payment from your account. All work processed, on a specific day, by appointment, drop-off, or walk-in are added together and electronically deducted from your account eliminating the need to bring checks to our office.

What do I need to do?
Return the Dealer ACH Authorization Agreement Form (pdf) to our office; instructions are on the form. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Accounting Department at 941.861.8342 or 941.861.8345 or