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emergency.png COVID-19 Update: Select offices are open for limited driver's license transactions that cannot be completed online WITH an appointment. Other offices remain closed at this time. We continue to work behind the scenes to assist in whatever way we can and apologize for the inconvenience.
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Renew License/Registration
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Personalized/Specialty Plates

Personalized License Plate
Personalized license plates may be ordered at any Service Center. The cost of the license plate is $15.00 per year in addition to the annual registration fee. The first year there is also an additional $28.00 new plate fee. Personalized license plates may be requested for private or company-owned cars, trucks, manufactured homes, motorcycles and leased vehicles. It takes about 60 days to receive a personalize plate.

Is your proposed personalized license plate configuration available?

An application for Personalized License Plate must be completed and submitted with the required fees.

Specialty License Plates
Specialty license plates honor and support specific organizations and may be purchased at any of our Service Centers. In addition to the yearly registration fee, there is an annual fee ranging from $20.00 to $30.00.