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Bringing a Vessel to Florida

Out-of-State Title Transfer
Florida law requires a vessel be registered within ten days if the owner becomes employed, places children in school or establishes residency (applying for homestead property tax exemption or registering to vote).


  1. Photo Identification - All registered owners must be present with photo ID to transfer a title. The only acceptable forms of ID are:
  • A valid Florida, out-of-state, U.S. territory, or Canadian driver's license
  • A valid state issued photo ID
  • A valid government issued passport
  1. Original Title - The original title must be presented if you are from a state (or D.C.) listed below. If your previous state is not listed or you are making payments on your vessel, we will need your most current vessel registration and payment book.
  2. Sales Tax - If your vessel was purchased less than six months ago, bring the bill of sale or invoice; Florida sales tax may apply.

Important Notices:
Trust - If the title will be issued in the name of a trust, copies of the official trust must be presented.

Business - If the title will be issued in a business name, proof the business is registered in in the state where business is conducted, the FEI number, and payment of the Business Tax, if applicable, will be required.

All documents and a checklist can be viewed by downloading the Vessel Title Packet.

The following issue vessel titles:

California Missouri Pennsylvania
District of Columbia Montana Rhode Island
Florida Nebraska South Carolina
Illinois Nevada South Dakota
Indiana New Jersey Texas
Iowa New Mexico Utah
Kentucky New York Vermont
Maryland North Carolina (opt.) Virginia
Massachusetts Ohio Washington
Michigan Oklahoma West Virginia
Minnesota Oregon Wisconsin